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The Chronicles of Esl Essay Writing Samples

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Overview Of Clintons Impeachment Proceedings Essay

An Overview of the Impeachment Proceedings of William J. Clinton The impeachment trial of President Clinton originated from a civil lawsuit filed in 1994 by Paula Jones. Jones alleged that in 1991 Governor Clinton asked a state trooper to bring her up to his room at Excelsior Hotel, where she alleged he dropped his trousers and asked her to kiss it (Chronology of the Paula Jones Case, BBC, January, 1998). The case made it to the Supreme Court because of the Presidents request to delay the trial until the end of his term. The Supreme Court ruled that the trial could proceed, and Jones lawyers began their investigation. On December 5, 1997, Jones lawyers submitted a list of women that they would like to depose. Included on the†¦show more content†¦Starrs report to the United States House of Representatives pursuant to Title 28, United States Code,  § 595(c), contained everything from a detailed background, depositions, explicit details of every encounter between Ms. Lewinsky and the President, and the grounds for impeachment. Afte r the House of Representatives received the document, they forwarded it on to the House Judiciary Committee. The House Judiciary Committee convened on October 5, 1998 to decide whether there was enough evidence to start an official impeachment inquiry. A simple majority was needed for the investigation to continue. The House Judiciary Committee heard the Republican investigative counsel, along with opinions from the opposing sides. With so few cases to draw from, both Democrats and Republicans used examples from Watergate to further their arguments. In 1974, the House of Representatives authorized the Judiciary Committee to consider impeachment proceedings against President Richard Nixon because of his partys involvement in a break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters (http://watergate.info/impeachment/). The meeting regarding President Clintons impeachment ended with a 21-16 vote down party lines in favor of starting the formal inquiry (Judiciary Panel, in Part y Vote, Urges Impeachment Hearings, NY Times online, Mitchell, 1998, para. 2). House Resolution 581, which outlined the

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Effects Of Power In Julius Caesar - 737 Words

As human beings, it is very easy to become corrupted by power. Power changes people, and it has been that way ever since the beginning of time. Some prime examples of how power corrupts would be Brutus from the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Jim Jones the â€Å"cult† leader, and Abby Lee Miller the reality TV star from â€Å"Dance Moms†. These people show how obsession over fame and control can essentially change their character and their lives. Over the course of the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, readers can see how Brutus’s character changes from the effect of power. In the beginning, Brutus was a simple man. He had loved Caesar, and had somewhat of a respect for him. The reader can see that when Brutus states, â€Å"I would not Cassius,†¦show more content†¦Much like Brutus, Jones was consumed by the desire of being a leader. And with this, it altered his mind and character. Gordon states, â€Å"He projected the rage he felt within himself and the treachery of his own psyche onto others† (2017). Jones idolized command and dominance. It made him do preposterous things. Power ruled him, and it changed him. Additionally, Abby Lee Miller, from the hit reality TV series â€Å"Dance Moms†, is becoming depraved from the result of her publicity and fame. She started out just a simple dance teacher in Pittsburg, and now with the help of her show, she is living a drastically different life, just not what she had hoped for. Fame and fortune left her selfish and cruel. Fox News expresses, â€Å"The â€Å"Dance Moms† star was known for her brash behavior and pursuit of perfectionism from her dance students. The Lifetime show follows a class of Millers elite students and the perilous relationship she has with the girls mothers. Critics of Dance Moms accuse Miller of being emotionally abusive toward the girls, and many episodes show her students dissolving into tears after a harsh critique† (1). Miller went from nothing to everything, and that took a toll on herself and the people around her. The nature of her actions changed when she started to gain publicity andShow MoreRelat edJulius Caesar in Rome1222 Words   |  5 Pagesthat the highest power was held by most of the people that lived in that area and the representatives that were elected. The state also nominated a president instead of a monarch, which at this time was the Senate. The senators of Rome were not concerned for the people but were fighting for power between each other (Donegan, n.d.). No one presented attention to the people and instruction had turned into turmoil. The head of state, who were always men never women, abused their power and sat on top ofRead MoreJulius Caesar : The Dictator Of Rome1011 Words   |  5 Pages Julius Caesar was born in Rome, Italy c. July 12, 100 BCE (â€Å"Julius Caesar  Biography†). Although many despised him, he was still able to reach his highest potential and became the dictator of Rome. This was not done easily, rather Julius went through many tough battles and overcame many difficult obstacles to reach his highest potential of a dictator. Through his dictatorship, Caesar changed the course of history to what we know it is today. Young Julius came from very humble beginnings. He wasRead MoreHow Did Julius Caesar Affect Rome? Essay1119 Words   |  5 Pages Julius Caesar was a very influential figure in Roman history. Many features of the Roman Empire came from his reign as dictator. But what, specifically, were some of those great achievements? In this research paper, I will explain Julius Caesar’s youth, the Roman Republic before Caesar came to power, the Roman government before Caesar became dictator-for-life, the effects of Julius Caesar, the reasons for his assassination, and what affects there were when the public learned about his assassinationRead MoreJulius Caesar s Assassination On Rome, Politically And Socially1717 Words   |  7 PagesThis investigation evaluates the question, to what extent did Julius Caesar s assassination affect Rome, politically and socially. Gaius Julius Caesar, famously known for his brilliant military strategies and shrewd political expertise, helped transf orm the Roman Republic into one of the greatest civilization in the western world. During his reign, Julius Ceasar expanded Rome’s geographical territory across Ancient Europe immensely, conquering areas of present-day France and Britain. The investigationRead MoreCivilian Control Of The Military1386 Words   |  6 PagesCivilian control of the military is very essential in order to have a strong and successful form of government. If all of the major political decisions were up to the military, many wrong decisions might be made and it would have a poor effect on the society. Military commanders may not have all of the necessary knowledge of the situation to make the most beneficial decisions, and many problems would likely end in war and violence. Also, one person would not always see every aspect of the situationRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Macbeth Essay1207 Words   |  5 Pageslike Macbeth or Julius Caesar. The protagonists Macbeth and Banquo conquer the evils that fa ce them throughout the plot. However, the nature of violence that takes place throughout Shakespeare’s plays is in relation toâ€Å"the source of the killing of the soul†(Macbeth and the Nature of Evil). In Macbeth, Macbeth is known as a superhuman warrior, the characteristics of being brave and having ambition. The main reason evil stirs up violence can be seen as examples in Macbeth and Julius Caesar, which is causedRead MoreThe Pressue is On: The Impacts of Peer Pressure in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare905 Words   |  4 Pages Listening to peer pressure has the power to shift one’s fate. William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, demonstrates how pressuring a man to execute an atrocity will have a detrimental impact on his life. As a scheme forms to overthrow a rising emperor and his followers, the men in the conspiracy of murdering Caesar create more damage than value. Eventually, the rising tension to kill an upcoming ruler creates a downfall of the Roman Empire, a breaking of trust among companions, and the deathRead MoreSimilarities Between Cleopatra And Cleopatra1523 Words   |  7 PagesPhilopator.) â€Å"In 59 Caesars, with this backing, secured his first consulship, in which he ruthlessly overrode the opposition and disregarded the vetoes of his pro-senatorial colleague. Then, between 58 and 51, he conquered the whole of central and northern Gaul as far as the River Rhine, which he briefly crossed.† (Grant 29) After Caesar and his army crushed Gaul, both parties became exceptionally affluent. In 49 BC, Caesar attacked Pompey and his men later deserting them. Caesar was victorious, PompeyRead MoreVictory or Demise, Same Faces in a New Light1520 Words   |  7 Pagesgovernment and trust is scarce. A totalitarian government is threatened and helped by individuals, however, one thing is common, the obligation to love of the authority, Big Brother. In William Shakespeares Julius Caesar, friendship and patriotism are crossed, as well as vengeance and power where Rome is betrayed and lacerated by the Conspiracy. The outcome of Caesars assassination is caused by his close f riends and companions becoming twisted into traitors vanquishing the bonds made. Both worksRead MoreThe Effect Of Julius Caesar1234 Words   |  5 PagesMSD PIKE TOWNSHIP The effect of Julius Caesar McKinney Smith Mr.Lee/ period 6 12/2/2014 Julius Caesar was a man who was uncommonly uncommon. He had never been brought around any kind of weaknesses. He was firm to face all dangers and wrongs that incorporated him. He had a tall and appealing stature and was to a great degree congenial. The overall population was something he was minding of, and it was minding of him, also. All his behavior were dumbfounding (Abbott 14). It was this that brought

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Painting Analysis Cafe Terrace At Night, Van Gogh

One of the most important observations anyone could make while viewing a painting is the artist’s delicate choice and use of colors. In paintings, colors serve two different but equally important purposes. One purpose is to draw attention to the painting, while the other purpose is to display emotions. An artist that understood the importance of color in paintings extremely well was the late talented Vincent Van Gogh. In his painting Cafà © Terrace at Night, Van Gogh incorporates a vast array of colors to arouse emotions from within the audience. In order to assess which colors aroused which emotions two important questions must be answered. What emotions do the specific colors used within the painting give off to the audience? How have the emotions behind the colors been learned through normal human experience over time? Most colors within the visible light spectrum hold specific emotions that are conveyed to individuals by artists through their pieces of art. Van Gogh carefully incorporated both vibrant and dark colors in his iconic painting Cafà © Terrace at Night, of which span across a vast array of emotions. One of the colors that stand out when you first observe the painting is the vibrant yellow used for the exterior of the cafà ©. The color yellow is known within the art community as a cheerful and warm color, helping the cafà © to come across as an inviting gathering place to the individuals observing the painting. Another color that Van Gogh used which quickly grabsShow MoreRelatedNighthawks, And Vincent Van Goghs Cafe Terrace At Night By Vincent Van Gog778 Words   |  4 Pagescentury artist Vincent Willem van Gogh both painted vibrant and expressive paintings during their time. In 1942 Hopper created the piece â€Å"Nighthawks† and Van Gogh created â€Å"Cafà © Terrace at Nig ht†, also known as The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum which was created in mid-September of 1888. Both of these compositions were painted using the same Oil on canvas medium. Both painting even have a similar setting one set in a diner the other at a Cafà © but, both painting wanted to convey a different feelRead MoreFormal Analysis - The Cafe Terrace on the Place Du Forum, Arles, at Night1902 Words   |  8 PagesThe painting that I chose to write my formal analysis on is called â€Å"The Cafà © Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night†. This piece was created by Vincent Van Gogh in Arles, France and was completed sometime in September of 1888. This painting is oil on canvas, and it is currently housed in the Kroller-Muller Museum located in Otterlo, The Netherlands in Europe. This painting depicts a sidewalk cafà © in France at night. There is a doorway to the front left of the painting that is painted blueRead MoreVan Gogh Essay1536 Words   |  7 PagesVan Gogh Essay In this essay I am going to discuss Vincent Van Gogh and post-Impressionism. Vincent Willem van Gogh (March 1853 – 29 July 1890) was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter whose work, notable for its rough beauty, emotional honesty and bold color, had a far-reaching influence on 20th-century art. After years of painful anxiety and frequent bouts of mental illness, he died aged 37 from a gunshot wound, generally accepted to be self-inflicted (although no gun was ever found). His work wasRead MoreVincent Willem Van Gogh And His Life2164 Words   |  9 PagesVincent Willem van Gogh (Dutch, 1853 – 1890) born in Holland, had a unique method of expressing himself on canvas. He was a post impressionist painter whose paintings portrayed emotionally evocative style through the use of bold colors and later swirling brush strokes. Throughout his life van Gogh worked on his art while battling mental instability which lead to his death in 1890 as a result of a fatal, possibly self infl icted gun shot. His most famous and respected paintings were completed in theRead MoreOffice Art Memo2320 Words   |  10 PagesOffice Art Memo Rodolfo J. Nodal Prof. R. Henry HUM112 11/11/13 Abstract The following essay will identify three examples of each, 19th century Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings and seeks to explain how these works fall into the two distinct styles. I we will explain to my boss, who has assigned me the task of managing the art budget and selecting six works to be displayed at the new corporate office, the historical significance of each piece, a description of each piece; with

Segregation Laws in South Africa - 709 Words

The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages of 1949. The government did not want the population to have mixed DNA. This law made it illegal to marry someone of a different race. Another law was also passed with this one in order to make sure that the population would not mix, the Immorality Act of 1950. This law made interracial relations illegal as well. [1] Two final grand laws were passed in time. The Reservation of Separate Amenities Act of 1953 allowed area of land including beaches, hospitals, schools, and universities to be set aside for any race. This was used mostly for the white population to have private recreational areas and service areas. Another law that the government passed was the Suppression of Communism Act of 1950. This allowed the government to ban any political party that opposed the government. The government just had to label any opposing party as a communist party in order to outlaw it. Also this law allowed the government to ban the right to public assembly. [1] In Nelson Mandela, the African National Congress found a man with great political potential experience and a leader that could unite an entire nation against segregation and discrimination. Mandela had political influence since his childhood. He was born in the small village of Mvezo. His father was the leader of this town. From his father Mandela learned a lot about political leadership. [4] Mandela was the first person in his family to attend a school. While he was attending school he wasShow MoreRelatedFor the Good of South Africa in Theophilus Msimangus Cry, the Beloved Country 1657 Words   |  7 Pagespowerful quote spoken by Msimangu which reflects among his character throughout the book. Msimangu hoped for people living in South Africa to forget race and to instead think of what would best help the country. Although South Africa has been on a rocky path, they do seem to have taken a turn on the right path, on the path to racial equality for all. Unfortunately, South Africa has not fully met Msimangus ideas on which people of all races work together solely to help for the good of the country.Read MoreGke 1 Task 21300 Words   |  6 Pageshis role in fighting apartheid and being the first multi-racial president of South Africa. His presidency created a significant change in the perception and building of a multiracial society in South Africa and around the world . Nelson Mandela was also known to be a leader of a civil rights organization known as the African National Congress. The purpose of the African National Congress was to demolish racial segregation and discrimination. The two most significant social changes made by Nelson MandelaRead MoreThe Issue Of South Africa1714 Words   |  7 Pages Many of the contemporary issues in South Africa can easily be associated with the apartheid laws which devastated the country. The people of South Africa struggle day by day to reverse â€Å"the most cruel, yet well-crafted,† horrific tactic â€Å"of social engineering.† The concept behind apartheid emerged in 1948 when the nationalist party took over government, and the all-white government enforced â€Å"racial segregation under a system of legislation† . The central issues stem from 50 years of apartheidRead MoreThe New Union Of South Africa1379 Words   |  6 PagesIndependent Union of South Africa was formed of the four South African provinces. The formation of the union was spurred on by the discovery of precious minerals on the Rand between the two Afrikaner republics; this event is known as the Mineral Revolution. A result of this industrialization is a segregation that plagued South Africa’s transformation into an nation and climaxed into the i nstitution of apartheid. This racial segregation lead to the suppression of black and colored South Africans. ThoughRead MoreJim vs. Apartheid Essay661 Words   |  3 Pagesbeen in existence for a very long time. The time of segregation of black people in America is proof of this differences. During this time black people have been regarded as second class civilans. The laws that were created during this time had the purpose of restricting black people from achieve anything in life and these laws were called Jim Crow Laws. Those laws were mainly used in the southern and border states of the United States. But segregation did not only happen in the US, it has occurred inRead MoreSouth Africa Apartheid And Oppression1695 Words   |  7 Pages South Africa Apartheid (oppression) Oppression is at the root of many of the most serious, enduring conflicts in the world today. Racial and religious conflicts; conflicts between dictatorial governments and their citizens; the battle between the sexes; conflicts between management and labor; and conflicts between heterosexuals and homosexuals all stem, in whole or in part, to oppression. It’s similar to an article in south africa that people have with racial segregation between blackRead MoreThe ANC and PACs Influence on the Fall ofo the Apartheid Regime in South Africa1570 Words   |  6 PagesSince its colonization by England and the Dutch, South Africa’s government struggled under power hungry colonial leaders and most recently under the white dominated Apartheid regime. Before colonization, South Africa was ruled by different tribes each having jurisdiction over their section of land. Eventually, South Africa like so many other Africa countries, fell victim to European colonization. The first Europe an settlers were Dutch, who arrived in 1652 and worked for the Dutch East India CompanyRead MoreHow the Apartheid Came to Be in South Africa1184 Words   |  5 PagesIn 1948, apartheid was introduced to South Africa. Apartheid means apartness and is the political policy of racial segregation. Each racial group was segregated from other races within South Africa. These groups consisted of whites, blacks and coloreds (Asians and Indians). The minority white population had the rule over the whole country. Apartheid did not only detach whites from non-whites, but it also set apart the Blacks from the Coloreds. When apartheid ended in 1994 a legacy was leftRead MoreExtremes of Riches and Poverty in Cape Town, South Africa1129 Words   |  4 Pagesextremes of wealth and poverty. The same is true of the cities of the poor world, if not more true. South Africa’s Cape Town could easily be said to straddle both the rich and the poor worlds in one city. Specifically, Cape Town experienced racial segregation during and after apartheid, which contributed to the making of rigid class systems. Also, globalization and economic aspects forced segregation of this urban space. With all of these factors combined, divisions of the urban space of Cape TownRead MoreNelson Mandela is a Worldwide Influence973 Words   |  4 Pagesnever stopped striving to make a large impact on not only South Africa, but the world as well (Schoemaker). Nelson Mandela is a major worldwide influence due to his key role in the transformation of South Africa from apartheid to democracy, the numerous charities he established and supported, and his lifelong dedication to ending racial segregation permanently in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was key in the transformation of South Africa from apartheid to democracy. He was the youngest son of a

Devils Bait - Best Assignment & Examples By Phd Experts

Question: Give a discussion on the devils bait? Answer: The story reveals the facts related to the Morgellons disease and the narrator meets with the people affected by this disease. Moreover, the narrator starts suspecting her body regarding getting infected with the disease. The interesting fact is that this essay highlights the different kinds of the reality which are considered for prerequisites compassions. A question arises that whether people should show empathy for the people suffering from the disease. In the third grade, the narrator revealed that once she had the worm from the Bolivia. The essay reflects the two most important elements of the essay i.e., the literal and the symbolically (Jamison, 2013). The symbolical element highlights that whether empathy should be shown or not. It was really hard for the narrator to signify that whether a person is legitimate or the person is just crazy. The disease affected the reliability of the narrator. The narrator describes the pain of the other people and she starts feeling the pain o f those people. The journey of the narrator takes her to the desired conclusion that whether it is wrong of trusting the suffering of the o0ther people but not trusting the desired source (Pietrangelo, 2014). The essay highlights the suffering of the people and the narrator clarifies the differences between the Human and the Humane. Moreover, the narrator describes the pain of the other people in a way as if she is feeling the pain of the other people. References Jamison, L. (2013).The Devils Bait. The Devils Bait: The Devils Bait. Pietrangelo, A. (2014). The ferroportin disease.Clinical Liver Disease, 3(5), pp.98-100.

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Effect O N Cont. Theater Essay Example For Students

Effect O N Cont. Theater Essay William Shakespeares Effect on Contemporary Theater William Shakespeare and all of his works greatly contributed to contemporary theater in many ways. His understanding of other people allowed him to fully grasp the quality he wrote of. The works of Shakespeare contain a strong and constant truth, touching emotional and supernatural aspects of life. These realities make Shakespeares works vital, even on toadys learning institutions and theatrical realms, accounting for his enormous success. Shakespeare was born in the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire on April 23rd, 1564. Though his family fell into hard times financially, young Williams education was not neglected. He attended local schools in Stratford. Shakespeare viewed annual plays and travelling artists at a young age. It is possible that these plays and performances ignited a spark that continued to burn. During the winter of 1582, at the age of 18, he married Anne Hathaway who was 26 and already six months pregnant by him. Two years later Anne gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. With a wife and three children to maintain, things were getting a bit difficult. Shakespeare moved to London in 1585, where he was very successful. In London Shakespeare worked as an actor and a writer and even owned his own playhouse. He was a very respected man there. He was the first playwright to have his formal biography written and published with his works. Between 1592 and 1594, all theaters were closed due to an outbreak of the plague. During this time Shakespeare turned to poetry, writing sonnets and long narrative poems, including Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece. When the theaters reopened in 1594, Shakespeare joined the newly formed Lord Chamberlains Men, under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth. Being an important part of the troupe, he eventually became an honored senior member. Writing plays soon became a demanding business. Shakespeare wrote thirty-seven plays, which were separated into three basic categories, comedy, tragedy, and history. Shakespeare retired t Stratford and became one of its leading citizens. In April of 1616, William Shakespeare at fifty-two years of age was laid to rest. Without William Shakespeare and his many great works, contemporary theater would not be anything like it is today. His verse, especially the power of his metaphors and his characters, so well rounded and carefully detailed that they often seem like living people. He was also a master of plot construction, notably episodic plot structure, which stands alongside climatic structure as one of the two main forms that have been predominant throughout the history of western theater. With Shakespears vast influence on many different cultures, he tried and tested variations of grammar and word usage. He experimented so the stuffy English language would not be so common and boring. Shakespeare was to be a writer for all time, to be highly acclaimed. He deserves applause by all playwrights, past and present. His works are timeless and vary according to the interest of the reader, making him universal. In Shakespears own day and time, no one ever imagined what a huge success his works would beco me. No writer since William Shakespeare has ever been as well known. No other writer has evoked so many emendations, speculations, and commentaries than Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was indeed an Elizabethan who took advantage of his time and talents, in turn changing todays time and talents of contemporary theater. Shakespeare Essays